Employee Engagement can be one of the most critical aspects to the success of an organization.

It is a proven fact that an employee’s attitude not only has a direct effect on the way an employee undertakes his work but also it reflects directly on sales, productivity and the overall company bottom line.

However most organizations are suffering from the effect of low employee engagement. In fact, according to Galup, 66.3% of US employees claim they are not engaged in their workplace.

Furthermore a 34,000 employee survey of 2017 found that the main factors which affect employee engagement, among others were:

  • Relationship with inmediate manager/supervisor
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Sense of belobginess or identification with the organization
  • Belief in the organization

But whichever factors maybe hindering employee engagement in your company, these should not be an obstacle to the organizations growth. In fact a proper strategy and an appropiate plan can transform these factors into a positive driving force.

A Custom Plan.

Solving the challenge of low employee engagement can seem difficult, but executive coaching is a step in the right direction

Organizations, like people, are unique. There’s no “one size fits all”. Bearing this into account my methology to develope a proper employee engagement plan consists of:

Evaluate. Implement a custom survey measuring the levels of engagement in each area.

Plan. With HR and Company Leadership a strategy to enhance emgagement in the necessary areas.

Execute. Implementing a coaching program designed to develope a sustainable employee engagement in the company.

If you’re interested in increasing employye engagement in your organization feel free to contact me.