As sales people we always want to have a unique or outstanding product or service. Were we can say, “I’m the only one who has it”.

Those who create new products are constantly go to great efforts to creat and/or add something new to make a difference with competing brands, marketiniers are constantly trying by every possible means to persuade us  that their product es special and unique or at least create that ilussion.

Yes, fortunately there still some things which are unique, the 19yh century villa overlooking the lake, the millon (or 2) dollar supercar or a masterpiece painting, and that’s about it. But for 99% of all products or services which are out there there’s a similar one.

Think about it, from mobiles to cars, houses, restaurants, insurance and pretty much for any other product/service you can think of there’s one similar or that offers the same (or almost).

However, we all can, through our proffesional quality and specially our personal quality, transform our product or service in unique or special.

Some ideas to help you.

Be an expert in your field, it will enable you not only to give quuality and superior advice and counselling but also to convey confidence and security.

Continuos counselling. Follow up on how your product is performing, advice him on how to better use your product. You’ll not only strengthen your relationship with him but you’ll probably start getting more and better referrals.

Know your client. As yourself he’s also unique. The better you get to know him, the better the relationship. Ask, listen and act, in that order and not the other way round, as the majority do.

Make yourself likeable. We all prefer to do business with whom we like. And do it sincerely, don’t fake it. See you’re client as a future friend.